Tenant Eviction Service

Need help evicting a tenant?

At Urban Link we believe in prevention rather than cure. We provide a robust, thourough tenant vettig service to minimise the risk of a tenancy going bad. We have a long track record of securing tenants that bring little or no problems to our landlords. In the rare event of a problem, or for landlords that have been unable to find a resolution with their existing agent, we have a specialist in-house legal team that can help you deal with problem tenants.

If your tenant:

  • Is/are not paying the rent
  • Refuses to leave the property after the tenancy agreement has come to an end
  • Is holding up the sale of a property
  • Is causing a nuisance or acting anti-socially
  • Is carrying on a trade or business at your residential property
  • Is in breach of some other obligation contained in the tenancy agreement
  • Or, if you have squatters or trespassers in your property

We can help...

  • If the deposit wasn’t properly protected or was incorrectly protected by your existing agent
  • If the deposit information wasn’t served or was incorrectly served
  • Even if there is no tenancy agreement.

Our expert team have handled almost every eviction scenario imaginable and can help you decide on the best way forward to minimise your costs and reduce your losses. 

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