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Love your rental property, hate it’s name?

3rd August 2017

So, you’ve found the perfect rental property, the location is fabulous, it has the potential to generate a good rental yield and you can imagine tenants being very happy there. But one minor issue is playing on your mind and making you hesitate before signing on the dotted line; the property has a horrible name! What should you do?

Landlords bear the brunt of tax changes

6th July 2017

The last budget did little to improve the financial position of landlords with the loss of higher rate tax relief on finance charges. Many landlords built their property portfolios, taken advantage of low interest rates and have borrowed heavily to maximise property acquisitions. In accountancy terms, they are highly geared.

Extending your rental options

4th May 2017

Need to generate for rental space for tenants? Extending your property could be the answer. Research shows that more and more landlords are choosing to extend instead of investing in new properties. It will certainly improve and enhance the attractiveness of your rental property, but needs careful consideration before taking the plunge.

Make your rental property eco-friendly

4th April 2017

Want to do your bit for the environment, but not sure if you have the time or money to make a difference? Well, with a quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions produced by energy in the home, there are some surprisingly simple things you could do that will make a difference.

Fancy yourself as a property developer?

9th March 2017

If so, here are some things to consider before taking on your first project: Do your research If you’ve spotted a property that has the potential to yield a good rental income, make sure you do your homework first. Check how long the property has been up for sale. If it’s for a lengthy period, it’s possible the returns may not be that high. Imagine you are renting the property for yourself, what would be the things that would be important you? The chances are your potential tenant will be looking for similar things. Bear the following in mind:

Practical Advice for Identifying and Dealing with Damp

21st February 2017

Damp can cause a wide range of problems for just about anybody, from homeowners to landlords. Not only is the smell unpleasant, it can be extremely dangerous to our health! This post is going to help you to identify damp and deal with it properly.

Screening potential tenants – 5 questions you should ask

13th January 2017

As increasing numbers of people choose to rent a home, with economic challenges and rising property prices making it difficult for many to get onto the property ladder, the UK lettings market is stronger than ever. This is good news for both landlords and letting agents, but with a larger number of potential tenants, it follows that the screening process is even more important to ensure you let to the right people.

Winter is here - 7 ways to reduce heating bills

7th December 2016

As the temperature drops and winter sets in, we’re all starting to feel the chill – and increased energy bills at this time of year are a common topic for discussion.

What every landlord needs to know

1st November 2016

So you want to rent out a property. Where do you begin? Well, first of all you need to get into the right mindset because being a landlord isn't a hobby. If you are going to profit from it — and, presumably, that's why you want to do it — you'll need to think of it as a business.

Renting Your First Home? Read Our Checklist First!

1st October 2016

Taking that step and living independently as an adult for the first time is exciting, of that there’s no doubt. Even if you’ve been to university it’s not the same as it’s generally still a protected environment with some degree of parental support.

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